The Contemporary Elder Retreat

Purpose of the Contemporary Elder Retreat

Purpose of the Contemporary Elder Retreat

To bring about a conscious, experiential, and spiritual shift from older to elder.

Location - Red Mountain Resort

Dates - October 9th to the 16th, 2022

Limited to 21 Participants

Tuition - U.S.$5,000 dollars

(Covers Hotel, Meals, Local Transportation, Retreat Supplies, Pre, and Post Interactions - some individual and a few group calls.

Deposit - U.S. $1,000 dollars (U.S.$400 is Nonrefundable)

The 9th and 16th are travel days. The 10th through the 15th are very full days - mornings and evenings. Your focus is on yourself. Best with minimal distractions. Each day consists of course work, meditations, restorative yoga, light hiking, journal writing, and self-reflection. Some of the retreat is best done in solitude, without distraction, therefore we recommend you not consider bringing anyone else but yourself to this retreat.

Intended Results of the Retreat:

  • To reveal the unspoken, unexamined, and unconscious beliefs about aging, death, and dying - and the future these beliefs foretell.
  • To access your natural way of being, your inherent state of being. Understanding what this really means and what it feels like when embodied and expressed.
  • To engender a new capacity and expression as an Elder that provides relevance, purpose, and higher wisdom for life and work.
  • To uncover unforeseen opportunities as a conscious and contributing Elder to business, family, and the world around you.

The Retreat is Designed for Professionals

  • In late midlife, 60s-70s, whose current careers are ending or have completed.
  • Whose ego rewards have lost their attraction.
  • Who are concerned about what's next - in life; relevancy, health, value, purpose, relationships, finances, and the future.
  • Who would welcome a more beneficial and enlightened relationship with aging and its assumed consequences.
  • Who feel it is possible to share their wisdom gained through decades of accumulated knowledge and direct and often humbling experiences but unsure of the form of this expression.

Thirty Minute Conversation with Dr. Cooper Requested Before Registration.